Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edu360?

Edu360 is a multifaceted initiative organised by Union Bank, to transform education through deep collaboration with industry players. Its flagship platform is Nigeria’s largest gathering of policy makers, school leaders, students, teachers, parents, and service providers, within the education sector.

What is Awarri?

Awarri is a pan-African advanced artificial intelligence and robotics company founded by Silas Adekunle to build lasting technology solutions to some of Africa’s biggest challenges.

What is the Edu360 x Awarri partnership about?

With a mutual interest in strengthening the education sector and preparing young students for the future, the partnership was forged to enrich the Nigerian education ecosystem with a fundamental training in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

What is The Search for the Next Robotics Legend?

It is an online robotics training camp organised by Edu360 in collaboration with Awarri. It will provide students with a basic course in Robotics. After the training, participants will be required to proffer solutions to community challenges using the skills they have learnt.

Is The Search for the Next Robotics Legend a training or a competition?

It is both a training and a competition. Successful applicants will be trained/mentored on the basics of robotics and then compete to build solutions addressing social problems.

What is the duration of the training?

The training will run for a 6-week period and the competition will follow right after.

Where will the training take place?

The programme is virtual. Tutors will be assigned to trainees and all interactions – mentorship, training and learning will be conducted online.

How many students will be trained?

The training will be done in phases. In this initial phase, twenty-five (25) students will be selected after applications are received and screened.

What is next after The Search for the Next Robotics Legend?

Edu360 and Awarri will kick off partnerships with schools, to embed robotics into their programme delivery. This will include training of teachers and provision of tool kits (tabs and MekaMon robots), to aid learning.

How can I enter my child/ward for the Next Robotics Legend?

Make a 1-Minute video of your wards telling us why they are interested in the A.I or Robotics, and why they should be selected for the program. Please share the link to your video posted on Instagram or Facebook on https://edu360.ng/Awarri/

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Who can participate in this programme?

Students aged 11-16 who are interested in numeracy & computing, passionate about Robotics & A.I., reside in Nigeria, and have consent from their parents/guardians. Participants should also be members of the UnionLegend or UnionInfinity crew.

How do I join UnionLegend or UnionInfinity crew?

Start off by opening an UnionLegend or UnionInfinity account at any Union Bank branch. Kindly call 01 2716816 or 07007007000 for more information.

How will I get my training materials when selected?

The training materials which include a MekaMon and a tablet will be couriered to you at the address you provide.

What is a MekaMon?

MekaMon is a four-legged robot with lifelike movement, outstanding build, quality, and a personality of its own. MekaMon offers an unparalleled STEAM education experience through advanced robotics and the ReachEdu app.

How will I know if my application is successful?

At the end of the submission phase, every successful candidate will be contacted. The list will also be published on all our social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @unionbankng and on Twitter @unionbank_ng

What is the deadline for submission of entries?

Entries can be submitted till the 20th of August. Entries after this date will not be admitted.

What do students/children stand to gain?

Every student that participates will get a lifetime hands-on experience learning with actual robots, and the winner will be mentored by Awarri.

What happens after the training and the challenge?

The winner of the challenge will be selected and will be rewarded with a mentorship from Awarri. Select projects will be showcased during our virtual Edu360 event. The educational tools will also be retrieved to support learning for more students, in the next phase.

How can I get up-to-date information on everything that is happening?

Follow all our social media handles to stay up to date with current happenings.

How many days a week will the training hold?

The training will be held three days a week with assigned tutors. Trainees will have the opportunity to discuss their questions and challenges around the curriculum materials.

Can I apply without my parent’s consent?

No. Only 11-16-year-old students are eligible to participate and that falls below the consent age.

Why do I need my parents/guardians consent to apply?

Only 11-16 year old students are eligible to participate and that falls below the consent age hence you need your parent/guardian.

How will the entries be graded?

Participants will be selected based on elements of passion, basic skills, creativity and interest in the program.

I do not have a personal computer can I still apply?

Yes, each student that is selected to take part, will be given one tablet and one MekaMon robot for the duration of the exercise.

What is the deadline for submission of entries?

Entries can be submitted till the 21st of August. Entries after this date will not be admitted.